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"Christ did not make the atonement when he shed his blood upon the cross. Let this fact be fixed forever in the mind."
--Uriah Smith, Looking Unto Jesus, p. 237.

"Twenty-five years ago, the self-evident truth that sin is not an entity but a condition that can exist only in a person, made it clear to me that there could he no such thing as the transferring of sins to the sanctuary in heaven, thus defiling that place; and that there could consequently be, either in 1844 AD or at any other time, no such thing as the 'cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary.'"
--E.J. Waggoner, Confession of Faith, 1916

"No scholar seriously believes that Jesus Christ is sitting in heaven turning pages to investigate Christian lives".
--Desmond Ford, Ph.D., Newsweek, Jan. 19, 1981

"I begged them to show me my error from the Word alone, as I could not offer the writings of Mrs. White to the general public as authority in support of any position. It was finally agreed to use the scriptures only in dealing with the matter. But notwithstanding this solemn agreement, the first man to reply, Eld. S.N. Haskell, commenced, and continued unrebuked, to quote the writings of Mrs. White against me."
--Albion Ballenger describes his trial for heresy, "The Bible in the Reformation", p. 2.

"I can truly say that never have I known a man of a kinder heart or more tender spirit than he, nor one who more genuinely and devoutly feared the Lord, or was more deeply devoted to His service and His worship."
--A.T. Jones writing on the death of Albion Ballenger, Gathering Call, Sep./Oct. 1921, p. 3.

"It was shocking to see that when the professors voted in favor of Dr. Ford, the administrators flew back to Washington DC, and printed just exactly the opposite of what happened, in the Adventist Review! Those of us who had kept abreast of what was going on were horrified to see our Church Leaders LYING about what was done and said at that lynching of Dr. Ford behind closed doors. They couldn’t dare tell the truth because the truth was that the Investigative Judgment Doctrine could NOT be supported by Scripture alone, and required the statements of Ellen G. White."
--Skip Baker, 2005

White's Teachings on 1844, Daniel 8:14, 2300-Days

SDA Claims about Ellen White:

  1. She was a prophet whose writings provide doctrinal guidance to the church
  2. She had visions supporting the church's current doctrines on 1844, Daniel 8:14, and the 2300-day prophecy

Bible Test #4 - A Prophet's Writings Cannot Contradict the Word of God:
"To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." Isa. 8:20

nonsda.org will present the following evidence:

  1. The SDA doctrines on the Sanctuary and Investigative Judgment contradict the Bible
  2. Since Ellen White's visions support these doctrines, her visions are not from God

In Ellen White's own words: "The scripture which above all others had been both the foundation and the central pillar of the advent faith was the declaration: 'Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.' Daniel 8:14."
--Great Controversy, 408

The 1844 Movement

Days of Delusion This online book chronicles the 1844 movement of William Miller. This is no white-washed history written by SDA church historians! Learn the outrageous details of this delusionary movement from newspaper accounts and personal letters. Written in 1924.

Did God Plan the 1844 Movement? - 1844 is the "central pillar" of the SDA faith. Examine the powerful evidence that God was not behind the 1844 movement.

Was the 1844 movement the 1st and 2nd angels' message of Rev. 14? Was it really all it has been made out to be? Or have the facts been exaggerated and inflated and distorted?

Is it Wrong to be Right? Reveals the amazing absence of reason and logic in the 1844 Movement.

Actual newspaper accounts of the aftermath of the 1844 Disappointment.

Millerite Insanity Did the 1844 Movement cause some to go insane? By Ronald Numbers, Ph.D., church historian.

 William Miller--Was he really a great Protestant reformer?

The Daniel 8:14 Dilemma

1844--Is It Prophetic? An Adventist scholar investigates Daniel 8:14

Was Ellen White Wrong about Daniel 8:14? An examination of this critical verse.

A Question about Daniel 8:14 Do you have the answer?

The SDA Sanctuary Teaching

When did Christ enter the Most Holy Place? Was the Day of Atonement in 1844 or at Christ's ascension?

Hebrews and the Day of Atonement Who, What, Where, When, and Why??

SDA Sanctuary Teaching Examined Exposes the errors and Bible contradictions in the sanctuary doctrine taught by Ellen White

The SDA Test 15 Difficulties with the SDA Sanctuary Doctrine.

The Sanctuary Doctrine - Asset or Liability? Dr. Raymond Cottrell's final paper on this important subject

SDA Position on the Sanctuary The original article written by O.R.L. Crosier in 1846. He wrote it to support the theory of the "shut door" doctrine. Later in life he repudiated it.

The 2300-day Prophecy of Daniel 8

2300-DAY DILEMMA. Exposes serious problems with the Adventist interpretation of the 2300-day prophecy.

What really happened in 1844? Biblical scholar David Hill unravels the complicated web of dates used by Adventists to arrive at the 1844 date.

2300-day Assumptions. Proof the Day of Atonement did not happen on Oct. 22, 1844, as Mrs. White claimed.

The 2300-day Foundation. Proof the 2300 days could not possibly have started in 457 BC as claimed by Ellen White.

The 70-week Prophecy of Daniel 9

New July 2009 - Ellen White's Unquestionable 70-Week Timeline Did Jesus really die in 31 AD? Does the stoning of Stephen terminate the 70-week prophecy? These and other serious questions are discussed in this article refuting the SDA prophetic timeline.

The Investigative Judgment

E.J. Waggoner on the Investigative Judgment The 1888 Messenger speaks out on 1844!

The Investigative Judgment Mrs. White versus the Bible

Kapher versus Judgment Mrs. White and the Investigative Judgment examined by a former SDA pastor

Seventh-day Adventism's Dogma of the Investigative Judgment through Ellen White's Eyes (PDF file)

Historical Sketches

The A.F. Ballenger Story SDA minister A.F. Ballenger discovered he could not support the SDA doctrine of the sanctuary from Scripture. Find out the Bible truth that he discovered!

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