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Suppressed Statements made by Ellen White

"The Lord hates all deception, secrecy, and guile. This is Satanís work; the work of God is open and frank."
(Ellen White, Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers, No. 6, p. 12)

The statements below were written by Ellen G. White in early letters and manuscripts. They were suppressed for many years by the White Estate, being available only to a trusted few who were allowed into the White Estate vault. Finally, a group calling themselves SDAnonymous released them electronically in 2012. Thus, since the proverbial "cat was now out of the bag," the White Estate relented and finally released them to the public with little fanfare in 2014, perhaps hoping to at least make a profit from the material. They can be found in The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts collection. The reason why they were suppressed for over 150 years will become evident as you read them below.

Don't pray for non-Seventh-day Adventists

Letter 11, 1853, to Brother Pierce
Later printed in Ellen G. White Biography: The Early Years, vol. 1, p. 404

"God has shown me those who keep God's commandments to have nothing to do in praying for the sick of those who are daily trampling them underfoot, unless it is in some special case where souls are convicted of the truth and are decided to move out upon it. The partition wall between commandment keepers and those who trample them underfoot should be kept up."
Comment from Brother Anderson: Fortunately, Jesus and the apostles did not have this attitude!

Make sure you buy a CHEAP Bible!

Manuscript 1, 1853, para. 33

"I saw that the Lord had been displeased with some of the brethren for following the desires of their eyes, and getting costly Bibles when a cheaper Bible contained all the words of God, and answers the same purpose. I saw money had been wasted in this thing to gratify a selfish feeling."
Comment from Brother Anderson: Perhaps if the brethren bought less costly Bibles, they would have more money to spend on the Whites' books. Interestingly enough, the SDA Corporation printed plenty of costly Ellen White volumes. It got so bad that Sister White had to complain to the brethren that the books were "too costly to give away, and too costly for those persons to buy who need them most." (Counsels to Writers and Editors, p. 170)

Don't step foot in a church not part of the SDA Corporation!

Manuscript 3, 1853, para. 8

"I saw that neither young or old should attend the assemblies of those who are in error and darkness."
Comment from Brother Anderson: This is widely ignored today by SDA leaders, pastors, and members. By "error and darkness" she is no doubt refering to the "protestant sects" who are protrayed by Ellen White to be the "daughters" of the Catholic harlot of Revelation 17. (Manuscript 15, 1850)

God HATES unruly children!

Manuscript 1, 1854, para. 12

"God hates unruly children who manifest passion and evil tempers, etc. He can not save them in the time of trouble."

Comment from Brother Anderson: This is blaspheming the character of God.

Willie had better obey if he wants love

Letter 9, 1859, Letter 10, 1859, Letter 3, 1860, to Willie White

"If Willie acts well, if he is gentle, kind, and obedient, father and mother will love him and all good people will love him."

"You must not get angry, but remember the Lord could not love you if you should be naughty."

"The Lord loves those little children who try to do right and He has promised that they shall be in His kingdom, but wicked, naughty children, God does not love."

Comment from Brother Anderson: Apparently love for children is conditional on them obeying.

God "snatched away" children from Adventist parents

Letter 1, 1857

"When you really [believe] this message the effect upon you will be to separate from the world, live out your faith, sell that you have, give alms, and lay up for yourselves a treasure in the heavens. God has come very near unto you when you were at a great distance from Him. He took two idols from you that you might draw near unto Him and that God alone might be exalted and reign supreme in your heart, and that your eye might be single to His glory. These children were snatched away to save you and her."

Comment from Brother Anderson: In this crass, shocking letter Mrs. White reprimands the parents for not giving enough "alms" presumably to her and James. Then she blames the deaths of their two children upon God who is apparently killing them in order to save the parents and teaching them to give more "alms" to the Whites. Later in this letter, she warns the couple against having ungodly people in their home, stating "Have not those with you that love not God and that God hates." The entire letter is a blasphemy against God. Later on, after the brethren started helping her write her books and articles, Mrs. White started being more charitable: "for though he [God] hates sin, he loves the sinner." (Youth Instructor, Dec. 30, 1897) One must wonder which statement is inspired, because they both cannot be.

God hates joking

Letter 14, 1862, to Mary Lyon

"Joking and jesting will not tend to your advancement in the divine life... The nearer you live to God, the greater will be your disrelish of these things. ...God is displeased with all such hilarity and glee, you are left weak in faith and shorn of your strength."

Comment from Brother Anderson: Ellen White repeatedly complained she was "depressed." Maybe she would have been happier with a little "hilarity and glee" in her life. (Examples from her diary: "My mind was particularly depressed. A horror of great darkness settled upon me." "...great depression of spirits." "...my mind is completely depressed." "...much discouraged." "I have been sick in body and depressed in mind for about two weeks..." Manuscript 6, 1859 and Letter 21, 1862)

Church membership? DENIED!

Letter 12, 1862, to Jarvis Munsel

"You are a complete agent for Satan to work through. You have lacked religion and have imitated the hateful disposition of Satan. You are one of his faithful servants." God disowns you. You are a curse to His cause. ... God will never take such as you to heaven.

Comment from Brother Anderson: We do not know what this man did. Usually Ellen White reserved harsh words like this for those who dared doubt her "visions."

Sick females?

Letter 13, 1863, to Charles Jones

"Nearly all females are not well, are not really healthy..."

Comment from Brother Anderson: Really? Let me guess the solution: Buy the Whites' health books.

Pastors must love manual labor

Manuscript 3, 1861

"A man who does not love manual labor is naturally easy and indolent will never make a successful preacher. ... He will never make a thorough workman in spiritual things."

Comment from Brother Anderson: That would seem to eliminate most modern SDA full-time pastors.

Ignore your kids' witty remarks

Manuscript 8, 1862

"But never should a smile be seen upon the counteance of their parents at any witty remark they may make."

Comment from Brother Anderson: This is what happens when the parents are depressed all the time.


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