The Great Controversy Examined - Is it God's final message to the world?

Great Controversy Examined

Does this book contain God's final message for the world?

What is the REAL origin of the Great Controversy? Did you know an Adventist named H.L. Hastings published a book named Great Controversy BEFORE Mrs. White's Great Controversy?

SDA Professor Exposes Glaring Historical Errors
Great Controversy chapters 3, 4, 15, 25, and 35 examined.

The Albigensians
Great Controversy chapters 6, 15 examined.

The Interdicts of 1411 and 1412
Great Controversy chapter 6 ("Huss and Jerome") examined.

History or Her Story? Ellen White's Visions of Martin Luther
Great Controversy chapter 7 ("Luther's Separation from Rome") examined.

The Diet of Speyer, 1529
Great Controversy chapter 11 ("Protest of the Princes") examined.

The 3.5 years of the French Revolution
Great Controversy chapter 15 ("The Bible and the French Revolution") examined.

Signs of the End: The 1755 Earthquake, the 1780 Dark Day, the 1833 Meteor Shower
Great Controversy chapter 17 ("Heralds of the Morning") examined.

Was Ellen White right about Josiah Litch's predictions?
Great Controversy chapter 22 ("Prophecies Fulfilled") examined.

Rappings and Spiritualism
Great Controversy chapter 34 ("Spiritualism") examined.

Great Controversy Plagiarism. An in-depth chapter-by-chapter study of the plagiarism in the Great Controversy by Walter Rea. 125-page online book details many of the sources she used.

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