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Clifford Goldstein's Graffiti in the Holy of Holies REFUTED

Editor's note (6/27/2005): By request we have assembled a collection of materials that refute the claims made in Clifford Goldstein's Graffiti and the SDA DARCOM report. Some links will take you to external web sites.

Response to Graffiti by Dale Ratzlaff, author of Cultic Doctrine (pdf)

SDA Sanctuary Teaching Examined by E.S. Ballenger

The 2300-day Dilemma Refutes Clifford Goldstein's 1844 Made Simple

1844 - Is It Prophetic? by Dr. Robert Brinsmead

Questions on the Book of Daniel Asked to Eminent Historicists by Eduardo Martínez-Rancaño,

Did Mrs. White Misinterpret her Own Visions? by Dirk Anderson

In-depth scholarly analysis by Dr. Fred Mazzaferri refuting DARCOM

Was Daniel a Historicist? An examination of the year-day principle. (pdf)

Hebrews 6:19 An examination of Hebrews 6:19. (pdf)

Seventh-day Adventism's Dogma of an Investigative Judgment through Ellen White's Eyes (pdf)

To purchase the e-book, In a Mirror, click here. In A Mirror, by Fred Mazzaferri, Ph. D., is not bedtime reading. Regardless, this careful critique by a well informed scholar is an extremely valuable resource for the serious Bible student keen to comprehend Seventh-day Adventism—-and to assist its casualties to breath the fresh air of truth. Many believe that Adventism’s seven volume DARCOM series is deceptive at the core. It purports to give scholarly evidence to support Adventist’s unbiblical doctrine. It does this by amassing such a huge amount of writing at the “scholarly level” that most Adventists just conclude, “Our best scholars have shown that our 1844, Sanctuary theology is correct” without a careful evaluation of the biblical evidence there presented because, (1) the amount of material is daunting and (2) the level of writing is beyond the average person. It is our understanding that even most SDA Seminary students are overwhelmed by this seven-volume tome. In A Mirror brings to light the many assumptions and erroneous interpretations used to build a case for this most-questioned doctrine of Adventism. This is must reading for anyone who wants to be informed on this topic. 320 pages.

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