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"It seems to me that what amounts to deception, though probably not intentional, has been practiced in making some of her books, and that no serious effort has been made to disabuse the minds of the people of what was known to be their wrong view concerning her writings."
--W.W. Prescott, letter to Willie White, 1915

"It seems to me that the testimonies, practically, have come into that shape, that it is not of any use to try to defend the erroneous claims that are now put forth for them."
--Uriah Smith, letter to D.M. Canright, 1883

Pioneer Letters about Ellen White

W.W. Prescott, SDA college president W.W. Prescott to W.C. White, 1915. Prescott, a friend of W.C. White, was an SDA college president.
John Harvey Kellogg, M.D., health reformer Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, 1936. Kellogg was a nationally recognized health reformer who founded the Battle Creek Sanitarium.
A.T. Jones, 1888 Messenger A.T. Jones to Mrs. White, 1909. Jones was one of the reformers who brought the message of righteousness by faith to the SDA church in 1888. The message was rejected by most church leaders.
Uriah Smith, Editor of the Review and Herald Uriah Smith to D.M. Canright, 1883. A series of five letters the editor of the church paper, the Review & Herald, wrote to D.M. Canright.
Gilbert Cranmer, pioneer Adventist evangelist An open letter from Adventist pioneer Gilbert Cranmer published in Hope of Israel, Aug. 10, 1863.
A collection of brief letters written by early Adventists.

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