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Myths and Fables about Ellen White

Overview Over the years, a whole plethora of myths and fables have grown around up around the prophetess Ellen White. This page seeks to disspell those myths.

In Ellen White's own words: "I saw that we have no time to throw away in listening to fables. Our minds should not be thus diverted..." --Ellen White, Early Writings, page 125

Were the Whites Poor? Was it Profit or Prophet?

Great Controversy from a Vision? Was it a vision? Or did it come from the writings of others?

Only a 3rd Grade Education? How did Ellen White write so many high-quality books with only a 3rd-grade education?

Ahead of Her Time? Were Mrs. White's health teachings really ahead of her time?

Woman in Shock and Awe, copyright Inmagine, www.inmagine.com"You Should See Their Faces!" Did she really loft a heavy Bible in vision?

Knew More than Bible Translators? Did Mrs. White know more about the original Bible text than those who translated the KJV Bible?

Wrote Steps to Christ? Find out who really wrote this book!

A Nobel Prize for Mrs. White? Does Mrs. White really deserve a Nobel Prize for pin-pointing the cause of cancer?

Electrical Currents in Nerves Was Mrs. White's health knowledge really years ahead of science?

Patriarchs and Prophets contains secret Jewish knowledge and was written in the rhythm and style of the Old Testament prophets?

Predicted the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake? Or did she?

Predicted the 2001 World Trade Center fires in New York? Or did she?

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