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Ellen White's Plagiarism

Bible Test #3 - Cannot steal their writings from others:
"Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that steal my words every one from his neighbour." Jer. 23:30

nonsda.org will present the following evidence:

  1. She copied extensively from others while denying she did so
  2. All the major thoughts and ideas in her writings were derived from others
  3. She copied both truths and falsehoods into her writings

In Ellen White's own words: "Although I am dependent upon the Spirit of the Lord in writing my views as I am in receiving them, yet the words I employ in describing what I have seen are my own."
--Review and Herald, Oct. 8, 1867

pla-gia-rize: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (a created production) without crediting the source : to commit literary theft: present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.
--Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary.

Questionable Sources Plagiarism from the Apocrypha, the fictional Book of Jasher, and John Milton's novel Paradise Lost.

How the SDA 'Spirit of Prophecy' was Born Even Sister White's "I was shown" and "I saw" statements were copied from others! An explosive article written by the pre-eminent Ellen White myth-buster Walter Rea.

The Making of a Prophet Walter Rea shows how Ellen White turned FICTION into "truth." While she told others it was wrong to read fiction, she was busy incorporating fictional writings into her "spirit of prophecy."

Is Mrs. E.G. White a Plagiarist? Remarkable article published in an 1889 newspaper exposes her as a plagiarist and shows the cover-up and damage-control were already in full swing back in the 1880s.

Ellen White's Habit Douglas Hackleman traces Mrs. White's life-long habit of taking the ideas and words of others and making them her own.

White Estate Admits Ellen White's Borrowing Transcript of a presentation delivered by Ron Graybill, associate secretary of the E.G. White Estate, to the General Conference in 1981.

The Paraphrasing Prophet Elder Rea reveals the entire Conflict of the Ages series was paraphrased from other authors, despite James, Ellen and Arthur White's claims of divine inspiration for her books.

Plagiarism Denounced An article in the Dec. 25, 1917, Youth Instructor denounces plagiarism and shows it was regarded as dishonest and illegal in Mrs. White's era.

Kindred Prophets Examine the striking similarities between prophets Joseph Smith and Ellen White. Recent research has uncovered some amazing similarities.

The Mystery of Enoch Did Mrs. White's teachings on Enoch come from God or Joseph Smith?

Patriarchs and Prophets copied from Edersheim's Bible History: Old Testament, vols. 1 to 4 (by Walter Rea)
Read Edersheim's Bible History online for yourself and make your own comparisons!

Desire of Ages Research Project Examine the findings of SDA researcher Dr. Fred Veltman of Pacific Union College who spent eight years (at church expense) studying the plagiarism in the Desire of Ages.

Desire of Ages copied from William Hanna's Life of Christ, John Harris' The Great Teacher, etc. (by Rea)
Read Edersheim's Life and Times of Jesus online and make your own comparisons!

The Great Controversy copied from Life Incidents, and other works (by Walter Rea)

The Prophet William Foy--Did Mrs. White copy her early visions from this man?

Life of Paul Plagiarized The most flagrant example of Mrs. White's copying. When the plagiarism was discovered, the book was withdrawn from print.

Plagiarism of the Millerites A few examples of quotes copied from Millerite authors.

A Great Plagiarist by D.M. Canright

Mrs. White's Health Visions: Was it God? Or Dr. Jackson? What role did Dr. Jackson and the Dansville Health clinic play in Mrs. White's health reform visions?

Pre-Ellen White Health Reformers Did you know that many, if not all, of the health reforms Mrs. White claimed to have received in visions were actually being taught by other health reformers prior to her? Note the amazing similarities between her reforms and John Wesley, M.L. Shew, and Sylvester Graham.

Plagiarism of Health Writings Examine some of the sources Mrs. White used in her Testimonies and writings on health.

The Story of Fannie Bolton
"I am greatly distressed over this matter, for I feel that I am acting a deceptive part. The people are being deceived about the inspiration of what I write. I feel that it is a great wrong that anything which I write should go out under Sister White's name as an article specially inspired of God."

The Story of Marian Davis
Marian "was one day heard moaning in her room. Going in, another worker inquired the cause of her trouble. Miss Davis replied: 'I wish I could die! I wish I could die!' 'Why, what is the matter?' asked the other. 'Oh,' Miss Davis said, 'this terrible plagiarism.'"



The Great Theft New evidence, uncoverd in 2008, shows Mrs. White copied the writings of John Harris extensively in her inspired books, artilces, and letters.

Paradise Lost's Themes Found in Ellen White's Books More evidence that Ellen White incorporated the themes, ideas, and concepts of John Milton's fictional book into her own inspired writings, including themes that contradict the Bible!

Revisions, Changes, Abridgements Examine the evidence that shows Ellen White's words were changed and altered by church leaders.

Ellen White's Plagiarism of C.E. Stowe

The Truth about The White Lie REFUTED Refutes the Ellen White Estate's document which attacked Walter Rea's The White Lie.

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