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QUESTION: If, as you claim, Ellen White is a false prophet, why do you have her writings on your web site?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] Some people believe it to be a contradiction to question Ellen White's prophethood and yet have her writings on our web site. However, we do not believe it is justified to "throw the baby out with the bath water." This web site was originally a pro-Ellen White web site, and that is the reason the writings were originally put onto the site. We saw no reason to remove the writings, and in fact, they may even accomplish some good.

Sister White's writings contain many wonderful and inspiring passages. However, many SDA's and former SDA's agree that her Testimonies tend towards judgmentalism and legalism. Nevertheless, because many find her books inspiring, we have links to all her major writings, and in fact, at one time, we had more of her writings on the Internet than any other web site. We do not think reading these writings will harm anyone, so long as they view her as simply a Christian author and not the mouthpiece for God. Here is where people start getting into trouble with EGW's writings:

  • When they uplift her writings as infallible.
  • When they use her writings as a guide to understand the Bible.
  • When they start trying to live out some of the extreme statements she made (dress reform, health reform, etc.)
  • When reading EGW's books takes away from Bible-study time.
  • When they accept EGW's view of future events, which may not be accurate.
  • When they adopt legalistic, judgmental, or sectarian practices after reading her writings.

Remember that much of the material SDA's regard as prophetic utterances was actually plagiarized from the pens of non-SDA authors.

[Dale Ratzlaff] As one who has read most of her writings, taught college classes on the Life of Christ from her Desire of Ages, I too, can testify that there are many good things in the writings of Ellen White. However, having said that, there are also many places where there is subtle error or in her early writings, blatant error. One will also find that trying to harmonize the large number of her statements on the gospel is impossible. She will in some places state the gospel in clear, biblical terms that would be accepted by any Evangelical Christian. However, there are other statements where she is an outright legalist, making anti-gospel statements. Sometimes she will give a correct interpretation of a Bible reference; at others she will be teaching exactly the opposite. For example, in my book Cultic Doctrine, I document places where she contradicts not only Scripture, but the very words of Jesus. I say all this to conclude that the one reads and accepts all her writings will be continually confused on some of the most important aspects of Christian doctrine. You may want to read what an employed Adventist pastor had to say about the writings of Ellen White.


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