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QUESTION: Don't the 'fruits' of Mrs. White's ministry prove her to be a prophet?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] There is a lot of discussion as to what those fruits are. While most find her major books, such as Desire of Ages, to be inspiring, some believe that reading the Testimonies imparts a judgmental, critical, legalistic, and sectarian spirit.

Some claim that Mrs. White's writings settle theological conflicts in the church and keep the church from splitting, thus validating Ellen White's prophetic role in the church. I would strongly disagree. I know for a fact that much of the controversy and fighting inside the SDA church is due to differing interpretations of Ellen White. While most Christians can find plenty to argue over in the Bible alone, Adventists add to that 100,000 pages of conflicting and contradictory Ellen White statements. It is a recipe for a raging controversy, which is exactly what you will find seething on the inside of the SDA Church today. One example is the controversy raging over the Nature of Christ. Groups, like the Branch Davidians, are constantly splintering off from the SDA church. What Ellen White's writings have accomplished is to stifle investigation into the Bible, especially Biblical prophecy. The true believer in Ellen White is afraid to consider any Biblical evidence which might be contrary to what she wrote. However, whatever Biblical unity is obtained through intimidation is vastly overshadowed by the disunity brought in from her own contradictory writings.

[Dale Ratzlaff] I have ministered to many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Seventh-day Adventists. I have found that many are severely scarred by Ellen White's writings. Here are just a few examples that come to mind: (1) They have been traumatized by Ellen White's description of living in the last days without a mediator; (2) The time of trouble is worse than the most vivid imagination. This creates a crescendo of panic for those who are already paranoid of the end times when Adventists will be hunted and may have to flee to the mountains; (3) Extremes in diet. Cheese is wholly unfit for food, it is a sin to eat between meals. Those who will be translated will have given up the eating of meat; one should usually only eat two meals a day, etc. (4) Extreme rules for keeping the Sabbath. She says we are to keep it the same way the Hebrews kept it. Parents are Sabbath breakers if they allow their children, even small children, to play on the Sabbath. (5) Uncertainty in the assurance of God's acceptance. We should never say we are saved because we don't know if we will overcome and be victorious. Forgotten sins will be held against us in the investigative judgment. (6) Sexual guilt. She has warped many thousands, if not millions, in by making people feel guilty for normal, healthy sex. (7) She has caused unnecessary trauma to those leaving Adventism, prophesying that they will reject all Bible truth and become infidels. The list could go on. While there are positive fruits from the writings of Ellen White, especially as they refer to the Adventist ORGANIZATION there are many negative fruits for INDIVIDUAL Adventists.


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