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QUESTION: Aren't you and other critics of Ellen White inspired by Satan?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] That is exactly how the Pharisees described Jesus. The reason people feel so strongly about Ellen White's inspiration is because they have only been supplied with partial information about her. They have not examined the full evidence regarding her ministry and they are not aware that she made predictions which failed, saw things in vision which were falsehoods, and contradicted the Bible many times. They do not realize there are valid reasons for Christians to question her claims to be a prophet.

For example, before World War II, the people of Germany thought Hitler was a wonderful leader. Most did not know how cruel and depraved he was until the truth about the holocaust of the Jews became known after the war. The people had a mistaken belief regarding Hitler based upon partial information.

Mrs. White frequently claimed that those who rejected her writings were led by Satanic agencies. Therefore, anyone who presents evidence showing Mrs. White was not a prophet is thought to be doing the work of Satan. Because of this, Mrs. White fits the profile of a "cult leader" who condemns as Satanic all who would dare to question her authority.

By accusing Ellen White researchers of being "satanic" her followers are guilty of breaking Christ's prohibition on passing judgment upon others, whose motives they neither know nor understand. The truth is that many of the researchers of Ellen White are inspired by a godly love for others, and wish to help others discover the truth about Ellen White. They are being obedient to God's command to "test" the prophets (1 John 4:1). They are committed to sharing with others the full evidence about Ellen White so that others can make an informed decision regarding her inspiration.


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