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QUESTION: Are you taking her writings out-of-context?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] From time to time someone will make this accusation against this web site. Some church leaders tell their followers this White lie in order to stifle investigation. The leaders say, "She didn't really mean what she wrote. Those critics are taking her out of context!" Sadly, some people will accept this without ever investigating further to determine if their leader is telling them the truth.

The example that comes up most often is the amalgamation statement. We are told that we are taking her "out of context." Her defenders claim that Mrs. White was talking about interbreeding between humans rather than between man and animal. However, every testimony we have from every eyewitness that personally knew Mrs. White, including Uriah Smith, James White, W.C. White (her son), and D.D. Robinson (her secretary), all confirm that Mrs. White was talking about interbreeding man with animal. In fact, the view of "man and animal" was held until 1947, when an SDA biologist finally convinced an SDA panel that interbreeding between man and beast was impossible (something science had proven impossible decades earlier). So, the SDA Church changed the context of this statement to mean something else, and then they turn around and accuse us of taking Mrs. White out of context when all of the evidence indicates they are the ones taking her out of context!

Our response to this accusation has always been: "Show us the evidence!" Of all the people who have accused us of taking Mrs. White out-of-context, not one has ever provided any documentation to substantiate their accusation. Over the years we have made a number of corrections when certain matters were brought to our attention, but there has not been a single instance when we have had to correct a page because we took Mrs. White out-of-context.


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