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QUESTION: Okay, it is true Mrs. White plagiarized uninspired authors. But didn't God show her which parts to copy and which to leave out?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] Not unless God is the author of confusion! Studies of the Great Controversy show Mrs. White copied historical errors right along with historical facts from the writings of Wylie. In her health writings she copied material that science has since proven wrong. Some have claimed Mrs. White put the writings of other authors through some type of a "supernatural filter" that filtered out all the wrong material and just left her with what is true and accurate. Of course, that is nonsense, as it has been shown on this web site that Mrs. White was wrong numerous times in her health writings. She may have had substantial human assistance in filtering her material, but there is no solid evidence that she had any more supernatural guidance in choosing what to put in her books and what to leave out than the average Christian author. For example, if God showed Sister White what to copy and what not to copy, why did she copy historical mistakes about Herod and Mary?


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