"We discovered Ellen White failed the Biblical tests of a prophet"

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QUESTION: How could someone with only a 3rd-grade education write so much and so eloquently?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] The same claim has been put forward by followers of the prophet Muhammad, who point to the writings of this illiterate man as evidence of divine power (oh yes, Muhammad had secretaries just like Sister White). The idea that Mrs. White had only a 3rd-grade education is a myth (click here to find out why). The fact of the matter is that virtually anyone could put together a series of inspiring books and articles if they could copy material from other top Christian authors and have competent editors and writers put it together for them. The amount and eloquence of Mrs. White's writings may prove her to be a good author (or a good plagiarizer), but they in no way prove her to be a prophet. There are other people who have had little formal education who have written substantially. Does that prove these people to be prophets also?


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