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QUESTION: Was Ellen White a mulatto (had Negro ancestors)?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] Elder Charles Dudley, a former regional conference president, published a book in 1999 named The Genealogy of Ellen Gould Harmon White. In it, Dudley contends that Ellen's mother, Eunice Gould, was black. The only "evidence" presented by Dudley is that there was a black family living in New Jersey at that time period with the same last name of Gould. However, New Jersey is hundreds of miles from Ellen Harmon's childhood home in Maine, and there is no evidence Eunice Gould ever lived in or had ancestors from New Jersey.

The SDA Church's White Estate has done genealogical research on the ancestry of Mrs. White, and all the evidence gathered to date shows she was not of mixed blood ancestry. The lines of both her father and mother trace back to Great Britain. There is simply no credible evidence to support Dudley's claims.


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