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QUESTION: Do you believe in the Bible?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] One falsehood spread about us by our critics is that we do not believe in the Bible. Nothing is further from the truth, and illustrates just how far some Adventists will take their dishonesty in order to discredit us. We view the Bible as an inspired source of guidance and instruction. We are not fundamentalists, meaning we do not believe every word in the Bible came directly from the lips of God. We believe that God inspires people to write, but with the exception of the prophets, He does not dictate words to be transcribed. The writings of each Bible author are colored by their own personal experience and perspective on life.

It is a proven fact that many of the authors of the Bible never claimed their writings were inspired. (If you do not believe me, go read your Bible again and find out how many Bible authors claimed their writings were inspired.) This does not mean their writings are uninspired. Remember, people are inspired, and when inspired people write something, then there is a measure of inspiration imparted into the words. However, it is foolhardy for us to claim the exact words came straight from God when the authors themselves never dared to make such a bold claim. It is a fact that many of the stories in the Bible are second-hand accounts, sometimes written hundreds or even thousands of years after the event. While archeology has generally proven the Biblical accounts to be accurate, and while we have no doubts whatsoever that the said events occured, it is possible that some of the clarity of the story was lost over time.

For those Bible authors who claim inspiration, we accept their word and our limited studies in this area support that they are everything they claimed to be. Rest assurred that despite what our opponents say, we have the greatest confidence in the themes of the Bible and it has proven an effective guide and inspiration in our personal lives. We consider the Bible to be the most awesome, beneficial book ever written.


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