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QUESTION: Where did you get your Ellen White quotes?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] From the Ellen G. White's web site which contains all of her published writings.

One testimony that has not been published by the White Estate and yet appears on our web site is known as "manuscript 34, 1885" (designated as such by the White Estate). The probable reason it has not been released to the public is because this controversial testimony was apparently withdrawn after it caused a stir. The legitimacy of the testimony is proven by the fact it appears in document DF-360A which was published by the White Estate on July 15, 1934, and was written by her son Willie White and D.E. Robinson (Ellen White's secretary). The authors quote from the testimony as if it were a valid Ellen White testimony. We have obtained a copy of Document DF-360A and it is available from the White Estate. The manuscript reads, in part:

"The time is and has been for years, that the bringing of children into the world is more an occasion of grief than joy..... Satan controls these children, and the Lord has but little to do with them. The time has come when, in one sense, that they that have wives be as though they had none." (MS 34, 1885)

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