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QUESTION: Doesn't leaving the SDA church make you part of the final shaking?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] The 'shaking' and the 'falling out' have been happening ever since Mrs. White was held up as a prophet. In fact, Joseph Bates said in 1849 that the shaking had begun. As early as 1845 people stopped associating with the Whites as they became aware of the fallacies in Mrs. White's teachings and problems with other SDA doctrines supported by her. Here is a tiny list:

  1. Joseph Turner - Left in 1840s. Originator of the SDA Sanctuary Doctrine. Endorsed by visions of EGW.
  2. O.R.L. Crozier - Left in 1840s. EGW said God told her Crozier had the "true light" on the Sanctuary. He later repudiated the doctrine.
  3. Israel Dammon - Left in 1840s. Ellen Harmon had visions at his home in Maine.
  4. Gilbert Cranmer - Left in 1860s. Founded the Church of God (seventh day).
  5. B.F. Snook and W.H. Brinkerhoff - Left in 1860s. President and secretary of the Iowa SDA conference. Published Visions of EGW not of God in 1866.
  6. D.M. Canright - Left in 1880s. Conference president and member of the General Conference Committee. Published The Life of Mrs. E.G. White in 1919.
  7. A.T. Jones - Left in 1900s. 1888 messenger and member of the General Conference Committee. Endorsed by EGW as having the "light" from heaven.
  8. E.J. Waggonner - Left in the 1900s. 1888 messenger endorsed by Ellen White.
  9. J.H. Kellogg - Left in 1900s. Personal physician of the Whites for many years and leading SDA health reformer.
  10. A.F. Ballenger - Left in 1900s. SDA evangelist in England.
  11. L.R. Conradi - Leader of the work in Germany.
  12. A host of others in recent years - Including Dr. Desmond Ford, Dr. Robert Brinsmead, Dr. Donald McAdams, Elder Dale Ratzlaff, Elder Rey Cantu, Elder Greg Taylor and on and on and on the exodus continues...
  13. Over 1.5 million Seventh-day Adventists left the church between the years 2000 and 2005

Over the years, the "best and brightest" of SDA theologians, leaders, and evangelists have left the church. The SDA church has an astonishingly high apostasy rate (as admitted by their own Adventist Review magazine).

To apply the Biblical term "shaking" to those who have left the SDA Church is a travesty. Many people left the SDA Church after they discovered the truth of the SDA Church was not Bible-based truth at all, but was merely based upon the writings of a prophet who failed the 7 Biblical Tests of a Prophet.


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