"We discovered Ellen White failed the Biblical tests of a prophet"

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QUESTION: Don't the teachings of the Sabbath, soul-sleep, and health reform prove the SDA church is God's remnant church?

ANSWER: [Brother Anderson] Absolutely not! Jesus said that His disciples would be known by their love for one another (John 13:35). He never said they would be known by their adherence to these two specific doctrines or by their adherence to health reform. Besides, none of the unique teachings above originated with SDA's.

  • The Sabbath came from the Seventh-day Baptists, who were keeping it 100+ years before Adventism existed.
  • Soul-sleep came from the first-day Adventists.
  • Health reform came from a variety of health reformers, such as John Wesley, Sylvester Graham, L.B. Coles, Dr. J.C. Jackson, Dr. Dio Lewis and others. In 1833, 30 years before Ellen White's health reform "vision", Mormon prophet Joseph Smith had a health reform vision in which he warned against the use of strong alcohol and wine, tobacco, and coffee and tea. He encouraged the use of fruits, grains and vegetables, and only a limited use of meat. Thirty years later these same teachings became the core of Ellen White's health reform vision.

There are many factors one might want to consider in deciding which denomination to attend. Here are just a few:

  1. Are they fulfilling Christ's commission to take the gospel to the world?
  2. Are the fruits of the Holy Spirit (peace, joy, love, etc.) manifest in the church?
  3. Does the church teach salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone?
  4. Do church members reflect the character of Jesus Christ?
  5. Does the church accept the Bible alone as the rule and standard of faith?
  6. Does the church uphold Biblical standards of ethics and morality?

Some Adventists claim that Ellen White's writings have kept the church united in doctrine and harmoniously cohesive, which proves her role to the church as a prophet. However, being a member of the SDA church for 33 years I can tell you that the SDA Church is full of fighting and controversy. I know because I was part of the problem for many years. Much of the controversy seems to stem from differing interpretations and views of Ellen White and her writings. If anything, Adventists have much more to fight over than other religions, because in addition to the Bible, Adventists have 100,000 pages of Ellen White writings to wrestle over!