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Testimony about Ellen White

Elder Gilbert Cranmer (1863) "Mrs. White had seen in vision that the day of salvation for sinners was past, and those that fully believed in her visions as coming from God, also accepted that doctrine."

The Kellogg File (1907) A 108-page interview with Dr. Kellogg

Chaplain David DePinho (2001) "Some of you reading this are saying, 'I don't need Ellen White to support my beliefs, I believe, teach and support everything from the Bible!' But hold it right there for a moment. I am about to PROVE that that is impossible."

Cherie Stark (2005) "I was terrified! I knew well what SDA doctrine taught. And it wasn't what I was finding in the Bible."

More Testimonies...> (Sept. 2009) "Iím a second generation Adventists of forty six years, my father is Roger Morneau, you may have heard of him, for he wrote five books for the SDA church, the first being A Trip into the Supernatural, then a set entitled Incredible Answers to Prayer, and the last Beware of Angels. Well guess what? I just got my own incredible answer to prayer; for the God of heaven has shown me, the true spirit behind Mrs. Ellen G. White, and itís not the same spirit that Iíve been taught to worship. And so it turns out that this woman is a fraud of the worst kind, the worst of the worst a wolf in sheep clothes!!!"

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