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"Acheiving objectivity requires the courage to critically examine cherished positions and to abandon those that no longer make sense, even though they may have been important sources of our security in the past."

--Dr. Reuven Bar-Levav, 1988 (more quotes)

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Ellen G. White - Prophet or Pretender?
Spirit of Prophecy?
They told me stories about her having visions, and predicting the future, and miracles and stuff like that. I took their word for it and believed it without ever checking it out. Then one day while surfing the internet I discovered the truth about EGW. Now I know the "other side of the story". Now I know she failed 6 of the 7 Tests of a Prophet. Now I follow the Bible and the Bible alone!
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Does Ellen White Pass the Seven Biblical Tests of a Prophet?

Was Ellen G. White a true prophet of God? Did she pass the "Biblical Tests of a Prophet"? You will find answers to those questions here in Brother Anderson's personal collection of books and articles on Ellen White. This site includes extensive new material and updates.

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New June 2012 - The "Saints" are not Seventh-day Adventists Ellen White's vision proves Adventists are not the end-time "Saints"

Updated June 2012 - Modern Medicine Proves White Wrong Additional evidence showing Ellen White's teachings on vegetarianism, tea, coffee, alcohol, and more have been disproven by modern scientific studies

New Sep. 2011 - The Frequency of the Lord's Supper Was Ellen White really a reliable guide to the SDA Church?

New Jan. 2010 - A Choice Between Black and White - The Desire of Ages contradicts the Bible

New Nov. 2009 - Mercury Poisoning - Examines the evidence showing Mrs. White may have suffered from mercury poisoning

New Sep. 2009 - Accuracy of Ellen White's Health Teachings Tested Was Ellen White more accurate than other health reformers of her era?

New July 2009 - Ellen White's Unquestionable 70-Week Timeline Did Jesus really die in 31 AD? Serious questions are raised about the SDA prophetic timeline.

New June 2009 - Martin Luther an Example to Emulate? Were Ellen White's visions of Luther accurate?

Update June 2009 - The Great Thief Tons of new evidence added in 2009, shows Mrs. White copied the writings of John Harris extensively in her inspired books like Steps to Christ and Desire of Ages, along with her testimonies, articles, and letters.

New Apr. 2009 - Plagiarism of C.E. Stowe exposed. Also, Secret knowledge of the Mishnah? - Another myth busted.

New Feb. 2009 - 2009 Sabbath School Quarterly Examined The 1st Quarter 2009 Sabbath School Quarterly presents a biased and one-sided view of Ellen White. Brother Anderson examines each lesson, bringing out the true facts and illuminating the other side of the story.

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