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Ellen G. White Investigation
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Does Ellen White Pass the 7 Biblical Tests of a Prophet?

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Here is Brother Anderson's personal collection of 22+ years of research, including over 1,000 pages from dozens of authors. Includes extensive new material and updates.

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Main Topics

Bible Versus Ellen White   Ellen White contradicts Scripture

Visions Examined   Were they real or hallucinations?

Top Shockers   Embarrassing and odd statements

Myths/Fables   Ellen White's best myths and fables

Shut Door   Did salvation really end in 1844?

Health Teachings   Were they from God? Or others?

Confusing Statements   Mind-bending statements

Plagiarism   Sources of Ellen White's inspiration

1844 Movement   Daniel 8:14 and 2300 days examined

Contradictions   Contradictory statements

Pioneer Letters   Did they really believer her?

Online Books   The White Lie and more

More Resources   FAQ, buy books in our store

Commentary   Editorials and commentary

Testimonies   Stirring testimonies from real people

New Releases!

New January 2019 - Suppressed material made public Review some of the disturbing statements made by Ellen White that were suppressed for over 150 years and only released in 2014.

Updated December 2018 - Kindred Prophets Prophets with "signs and wonders" and "testimonies" similar to Ellen White

Updated December 2018 - Ellen White's Secret Swill - Was Sister White addicted to alcohol?

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