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"Eld. White had published several of Ellen's visions on small sheets for general distribution; but as time passed on the theology of her later visions was materially different from former ones, and they were suppressed... these visions as published now are greatly in conflict with those which acquaintances and witnesses in New England were accustomed to hear from her lips, after recovering from her clairvoyant state, or to read on sheets as published at first, by Eld. White."
--Isaac Wellcome, History of the Second Advent Message, 1874.


"Does God close the door of probation on Christians who stood firm and refused to be deluded by the falsehood proclaimed by Miller? Is that how God operates? No, it is not! It is a slander upon the character of God to charge Him with being responsible for the 1844 delusion. It is blasphemy to accuse God of shutting a door of probation in 1844 against innocent people whose only crime was in refusing to believe a delusion." --Dirk Anderson, Is it Right to be Wrong?


"I know there are things that are not straight in the general management of this denomination. I know what fraud is being perpetrated right along, and I have no sympathy with that at all. I know people go to Sister White with some plan or scheme they want to carry through under her endorsement of it, and stand up and say, 'The Lord has spoken,' and I know that is fraud, that that is taking unfair advantage of people’s minds and of people’s consciences; that it is fraud; that it is not a nice thing, and I have no sympathy with that thing."
--Dr. J.H. Kellogg, The Kellogg File, 1907


Did White's Visions Teach a Shut Door Falsehood?

SDA Claims about the Shut Door

  1. Ellen White's visions did not teach a shut door of salvation
  2. Ellen White led her church away from the shut door fanaticism
  3. Probation closed upon all those who rejected William Miller's message in 1844

Bible Test #2 - A Prophet's Writings Cannot Contain Falsehood:
"Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the LORD..." Jer. 23:32

nonsda.org will present the following evidence:

  1. Ellen White's visions taught a shut door of salvation
  2. Her visions contain falsehoods, thus they cannot be from God
  3. No door of probation closed in 1844

In Ellen White's own words: "It was just as impossible for them to get on the path again and go to the City, as all the wicked world which God had rejected." --A Word to the Little Flock, p. 14

A brief overview of the shut door doctrine. Read this first!

A chronology of events from 1844 to 1851 showing the rise and fall of the shut door doctrine.

Ellen G. White's Writings NOT a Direct Revelation From God W.W. Fletcher presents overwhelming evidence that Ellen White taught a shut door from her visions

An extensive overview of the shut door doctrine. An in-depth analysis.

Why did James White delete part of a prophet's writings?

Early Visions Suppressed--The story of the suppression of Mrs. White's early visions. This analysis was written in 1866 by two ministers who were associated with the Whites and were part of the early Advent movement.

The Secret Letter Unveils Mrs. White's belief in the Shut Door

  Writings of the Pioneers  

Writings of Ellen White, 1846-1850, parts of which were later suppressed

"My accompanying angel bade me look for the travail of soul for sinners as used to be. I looked, but could not see it; for the time for their salvation is past."


Writings of James White, 1847-1850.

"...our work for the world was finished for ever."


Testimonies from other Adventists.

Otis Nichols, 1846--"Her message was...our work was done for the nominal church and the world, and what remained to be done was for the household of faith."


Writings of Joseph Bates, 1847-1849.

"The gospel message ended at the appointed time with the closing of the 2,300 days..."


Gilbert Cranmer, 1858.

"Mrs. White had seen in a vision that the day of salvation for sinners was past..."


Elder Isaac Wellcome (baptized by James White in 1845)

"Some had such confidence in her visions that they were thrown into great distress, nearly to despair, when she related that their names were 'blotted out of the book of life.'"


  Shut Door Research  

The Shut Door, Or Probation For Sinners Ended Oct. 22, 1844 by D.M. Canright

Go Shut the Door by Walter Rea

  SDA Rebuttal  

Arthur White's Statement on the Shut Door

Ellen White's Explanation of the Shut Door

  Hiding the Truth  

Early Writings is missing key, damaging portions of the early writings of Ellen White. The SDA church has known this for over 115 years, but what have they done about it?

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