"We discovered Ellen White failed the Biblical tests of a prophet"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers expressed are the personal opinions of the web site editors

  1. Who runs this site?

  2. Who finances this ministry? Do you accept contributions?

  3. Why don't you just uplift Christ? Isn't criticizing/judging EGW the work of Satan?

  4. Doesn't the book Steps to Christ prove EGW was inspired?

  5. Where did you get your EGW quotes?

  6. Doesn't leaving the SDA church make you part of the final shaking?

  7. Won't I be lost if I leave the SDA denomination?

  8. Don't the teachings of the Sabbath, soul-sleep, and health reform prove the SDA church is God's remnant church?

  9. Do all SDA pastors believe in EGW?

  10. If, as you claim, EGW is a false prophet, why do you have her writings on your web site?

  11. EGW held such 'high standards!' How could she be a false prophet?

  12. Don't the 'fruits' of EGW's ministry prove her to be a prophet?

  13. If Mrs. White intentionally deceived others, will she be in heaven?

  14. Do you keep the seventh day Sabbath?

  15. I am under conviction that EGW was NOT a prophet. Should I leave the SDA church?

  16. Are there any non-SDA Sabbath-keeping churches?

  17. Aren't you and other critics of EGW inspired by Satan?

  18. Are you taking her writings out of context?

  19. Aren't Mrs. White's mistakes minor?

  20. Yes, there are perplexities in her writings, but won't God one day explain them to us?

  21. The Biblical prophets made mistakes! How are they different from Mrs. White?

  22. Did Mrs. White really claim to be a prophet? Wasn't she just a messenger?

  23. Don't Mrs. White's health writings prove she was a prophet?

  24. Don't the predictions in the Great Controversy prove she was a prophet?

  25. Yes, Mrs. White plagiarized uninspired authors. But didn't God show her which parts to copy and which to leave out?

  26. Doesn't the fact that her writings are truth-filled and inspiring prove her to be a true prophet?

  27. How could someone with only a 3rd-grade education write so much and so eloquently?

  28. Why do you call yourself nonegw.org?

  29. Was Ellen White a mulatto (had Negro ancestors)?

  30. Do you believe in the Bible?

  31. Didn't Mrs. White say Satan would attack her writings in the last days? Aren't you fulfilling her prophecy?

  32. Are you angry with the SDA Church? Do you hate Ellen White?

  33. What do you believe about the Beast of Revelation? 666? The Lamb-like Beast?

  34. If Ellen White was not a true prophet, who else could it be?

  35. I've heard that White Estate claims only 2%-3% of EGW's writings were plagiarized? Is that true?

  36. Are Mrs. White's writings fallible or infallible?

  37. Doesn't Mrs. White's 1848 vision about tobacco prove she was inspired and years ahead of science?


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